This blog is about living and loving life. People, work and families are all thrown in your path to sometimes try and make you lose your patience, but if you’re lucky, they’re also there to keep you sane and make you laugh at life – and yourself! – along the way.

I am a mum to two children and two step-children. I work part-time as a teacher and am loving my life. Most importantly, I have learnt to embrace the challenges thrown at me. My own childhood was less than idyllic so I am trying to make sure my children go into adulthood saner than I was (don’t worry, I’m quite sane now. Most of the time.)

I’m no spring chicken which means I had a life and a whole other career before children and teaching came along. I have traveled and I seen some wonders as well as some things best left unseen. But I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and everything is designed to make you a stronger person.

It’s just me and your readers. Welcome to my blog!